Weekend at Jeansie’s

Tomorrow is Jeans Day before the Labour Day loooong weekend!

This weekend is the final weekend of the Fair at the PNE.  That means one last weekend to eat utterly insane things that could only exist at a fair.  Here’s what your carny food choices say about you:

1. Mini Donut Pops

Classic mini donuts frozen in a dulce caramel cream with cinnamon.   This treat says you’re creative and not afraid to think outside the box.  You’re level-headed and appreciate the finer things in life.


2.  Deep fried pickle corn dog

Yup, that’s a pickle with a wiener in it, corndog style.
You have exotic sensibilities and are spontaneous.  Your bank account may be empty, but your heart is full.  Full of cholesterol.


3. Oreo Churros
You are a social butterfly who likes to have a good time.  You’re a go-getter and not one to say “no” to anything…  Which is why you have diabetes now.

oreo churro

4. Reese Oreo
A Reese’s peanut butter cup sandwiched between two Oreos, battered, fried, drenched in chocolate sauce and sugar.  We get it, you’re here for a good time, not a long time. You live without regrets and you want everyone to know it.  That’s why you got the tattoo.

5. Mac ‘n’ Cheese stuffed burger
You’ll try anything at least once.  You’re open-minded and don’t discriminate.  You also have gout.  Please put that burger down.


6. Salads & juices
You are lost.  You came to the PNE for Knit City, the knitting & yarn expo, but that doesn’t happen until the end of September.  You are disappointed.  Luckily, there was no line up at this stand.  You succumb to the reality of your situation while ingesting food with actual nutritional value.  Congratulations, you are the best person at the PNE.


Have a happy, safe long weekend!

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