This week started with a really kick to the groin with a lady at work passing away.  She was a bundle of giggles, ray of sunshine was such a delightful person to be around.  She told me almost every single week that she just loved my Jeans Day emails.  So this week is dedicated to her!

Well, we’re back to Vancouver winter again – warmer, but depressing as heck.  There’s also a new plague upon us – coronavirus –  which I think I must have (heads up) because I’m sick again.  The third Monday in January is typically the saddest day of the year for people.  It’s been a rough week.  Lucky for me, an innocent Google search revealed that there are many things that one can cry into…


All great suggestions.
What else could you cry into as the state of this cruel world sucks your soul (ironically) dry of happiness?

Christmas Cake (apparently)
Let’s face it, that cake is too old to eat now anyway.  May as well stifle your whimpers with it.  I bet it would feel really funny to stick your face into a cake.  You might even crack a smile.  OH!  Face cake therapy!  I invented it first!


Money  Bills  A basket of old phone chargers
Dry your eyes with a pile of money? Ha!  More like bills!  But everything is paperless now.  So what’s left to catch your tears??  Why a tangled pile of old phone chargers and miscellaneous tech cables weaved together as complexly as the gamut of emotions in your heart, of course!


A pillow shaped like a dog
Why a dog?  Because it’s better than a regular pillow!  Jeez, how depressing would THAT be?


A bowl of ice cream
If I know anything, it’s that nothing and no one listens better than a bowl of ice cream.  The real good stuff.  Probably chocolate peanut butter – that seems to be the most sympathetic flavour.
(emotional eater, much?!)

ice cream

A glass vile
Everyone knows that if you’re out crying all haphazardly, that some stranger can catch and ingest your tears thereby stealing your youth.  So collect your own tears in a haunted Victorian vile and save them for your retirement, baby!


You rock, J.H.

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