Harry Potter & the Chamber of Jeans

It’s Black History Month, and Vancouver has a little history of its own. Did you know that Hogan’s Alley (see map below) was Vancouver’s first concentrated Black Canadian community?  It’s true!  Hogan’s Alley was famous for “chicken house” restaurants such as Vie’s Chicken and Steak House, which often doubled as speakeasies, where Nora Hendrix, the one and only Jimi Hendrix’s grandmother, was a cook!  More interesting facts on Hogan’s Alley here.

Hogans Alley

This got me thinking about alleys, which one naturally does from time to time.  What else can you find in a good alley?

~ ~ dream sequence ~ ~

Ooooooo, a bespoke 100 sq. ft. studio suite with coveted street-side entrance, and no bathroom or kitchen for only $1800 a month!  Local neighbourhood hooligans included, free of charge.

Perhaps a little…magic?  Now, I could go into how luring kids into an alley with the promise of magic is all sorts of wrong, but this doesn’t seem like the time or place and that would just kill The MAGIC.


Similar to magic, but also the complete opposite, you might find my life*– I mean a dumpster fire.

my life

[ *Just kidding, my life is awesome.  Better than yours even.]

Perhaps you’ll find LOVE in this most unlikely of places.


Discarded and used up, or just waiting for the right person to come along… you decide.

Or maybe you’ll find what you’ve always been looking for that you didn’t find backpacking/partying across Europe when you were 19, or when you impulsively decide to just hike 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail because what could possibly go wrong, or when you opened a Tuscan villa and met a handsome Italian man who gave you your groove back…YOURSELF.


Whatever it is that you come across in the alley, may it fill you with a wonder and lust for life like when Harry first visited Diagon Alley.


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