The Day After Jeansmorrow

“PANDEMIC! PANDEMIC!  Buy all the TP you can so that your final moments will be the cleanest you’ve ever experienced!!”

stock up

Why is this happening?? Is this going to cure you if you catch COVID19?? Is a clean butt the #1 priority in a pandemic situation??  More so than food or water or medicine?!?

Or is it a dad joke that’s out of control …


Or is there some ancient mythical power that TP possess against the evil of pandemic viruses that I don’t know about?

toilet paper

What does this mean for your social / political status?  How high up do you have to be to have THIS?!

giant roll

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this:

12-pack of premium quilted butt tickets, looted then sold for $10,000

Only time will tell.
Wash your hands and don’t be gross.   Byyyyyyeee!

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