Contajeanon: WEEK 1

Since most people are working from home now, I think it’s safe to assume that at most you’re wearing jeans.  So for any souls wandering the echoing cavern of an office, this Friday will definitely be a casual Jeans Day.

Speaking of working from home… WOW, the world sure loves a working-from-home meme!

This week, bosses of the world finally announced…


To which everyone responded with, “YES! ….


For the foreseeable, you’ll be getting up at 8:57 to turn on your computers and be all:


To which I’ll respond with no trace of sarcasm (from here in an office)…


Then by about 11:46 a.m. you’ll peel your cat-like selves off the couch and admit…


In reality I know everyone is just trying their best to do what’s right.  And sometimes that probably even works out for you.  Other times though…


Remember THIS?!
May you all enjoy your steady decent into casual reclusive attire!  Stay healthy.

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