Jeansinator 3: Rise of the Waistlines

FACT: It is Thursday.

Is it a good day? Or a bad day?  Does the answer to that question change from hour to hour?  Day to day?  I think it does for most of us.

hang in there

Tomorrow is Fancy Friday — and the last day of work for many of us for the foreseeable future — so if ‘’fancy’’ for you involves sipping champagne while drenched in all the diamonds and furs you will soon have to pawn, LET’S F—ING DO IT!!

Yes, this week has indeed been a crotch-kicker.  Somehow it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who was laid off – SO MANY people all over the world are in the same boat.  And it’s temporary.  You know what else is temporary in the world?  EVERYTHING.  Literally every single thing.  Nothing is a sure thing from one day to the next.  Even Buddha said so:


So every time you want to want to curl up in a ball and weep uncontrollably, remember:

shall pass

So what do you do when your spirits need lifting?
Video chat with family or friends.  Go for a walk.  Try your hand at making sourdough (everyone is doing it).  Make a delicious nutritious meal to keep you healthy and thinking straight.  Watch or listen to some comedy!  Suggestions?  You got it!

Taylor Tomlinson stand up (Netflix special)
Maria Bamford stand up (Spotify)
Cy Amundson stand up (Spotify)
Chris Mann (YouTube covid-related song parodies)
Pluto the Dog (YouTube)
Matt Surelee (Instagram @mattsurelee makes hilarious charts/graphs)
TIGER KING (Netflix) – In case you haven’t already heard – IT’S NUTS!!  You’ll be reminded of A) how good we have it in Canada re: guns, healthcare, and laws, and B) that you are likely 1000x a better person and sexier than most of those people.

And what can you do with your unemployed life since doing anything in public is basically prohibited?
SARAH CONNOR yourself!!  Remember in Terminator 2 when you see Sarah Connor in the hospital?  YEAH.  Nothing but time and pull-ups, baby!


From ”tee hee, I’m a silly dummy” –>  ”Let’s go, BITCHES!”

Don’t hold me to this result!  I’m doing the best I can with a laundry detergent jug filled with gravel and a stretchy band thing!

So that being said, the Jeans Day Weekly will be on hiatus.  Wishing you all the best and see you SOON!  When we’re all together again, wherever that may be, I bet there will be a HUGE celebratory cake!

Stay positive,

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