Bridget Jeans’ Diary

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day (eeeeeye rooooolll) , I’m going to focus on one particular exquisite relationship…


Oh yeah, that’s right baby!
You don’t like cheesey quotes?  Well too bad.  This one is gonna be an expensive charcuterie board’s worth of fine cheeses!


I think we’ve all heard this from our moms at some point.  Yeah I get it, ok MOM.  But, uhh….. yep, she was right.  AGAIN.  If you treat yourself like a trashcan, why would anyone else see the need to treat you otherwise?  Like Tina Turner says, “you’re simply the best!”


Tired of people letting you down? Or not getting you?  Not know what you need?  Well you know who does…YOU!  What an utterly perfect date. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a solo date is AWESOME.  You can go do whatever the heck you want — ponder art at the gallery for 3 hours, see whatever movie you want, eat ALL the popcorn, buy yourself flowers, go for a nice walk, maybe even… fall in love… with yourself!  OooooOOOOooo, saucy!


Oh Lucy, you’re so wise.  It’s a hard job loving ourselves sometimes, but apparently it is worth it and does work.  I suppose it’s the idea that you care about yourself which makes you care about others which makes you care about the world and planet which just makes you an all-around better human.

love me

You know what I learned not too long ago?  That you are lovable.  Everyone is.  Even if you are “weird” or whatever other things people call / label you.  That’s exactly why you ARE so lovable!  Because you’re a unique, one-of-a-kind person and the world needs that.  Now give your heart-shaped body a hug!

And like the Queen Herself always says:


Can I get an amen up in here?!
Love you.

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